What People Say

“In a very short time, Anya helped me to discharge my fear and discover how to re-frame events into happier conclusions so I could build a new and better foundation for future interactions. My nervous system has really calmed down. There is less emotional confusion around trauma experiences and more willingness to just experience the unknown of my new self.”
V. M., M.ED., LMT

“Anya provides a safe and non-judgmental environment to experience and explore life’s challenges through a body-centered practical approach. I have done all kinds of personal growth work and I have found her by far, to be one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”
J. J.  MA, Process Work Diplomat

“Simple awareness revolutionized the way I move and exert myself.” Client

“The positive impact of complete presence is really amazing. I have gained awareness of my body in the ways I expected and in ways I hadn’t ever imagined!” Client

“My body feels wonderful and I feel so rejuvenated.” Client

Several aspects of postural habits and body mechanics were beginning to fall into place. It was very exciting.” Massage Therapist

“I really appreciate and enjoy learning body awareness concepts. The notion of using one’s whole body from a place of groundedness and centering never really occurred to me.” Massage Therapist

“The subtle adjustments in alignment made such a dramatic difference in my internal comfort that I could not ignore it. Applying this newfound understanding to my work was almost a revelation. Correct body mechanics made work so much more fluid and my body was so much more comfortable.” Massage Therapist.

“I really feel like I gained some valuable insights that are helping me to center myself better when I am at the massage table working. The classes have been extraordinarily helpful with alignment and have brought my awareness to the freer state my body would like to be in when I am at the table.” Massage Therapist.

“Liberating. This is the word I would use for the classes that Anya taught in Body Awareness. These classes have had a profound effect on me.” Massage Therapist