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Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident about who you are in the world? 

Is there something calling you forth?

Would you like to be supported each step of the way to clarify your purpose, step into your wholeness and create a life you love living?




If you answered yes to any of those questions, Body Wisdom Life Coaching may be a good match for what you are seeking.

  I developed this  approach to meet the need of those wanting more from life coaching. Body Wisdom Life Coaching is a whole body approach, honoring the wisdom of the body, listening to the heart, calming and supporting the mind and discovering the calling of spirit. Body Wisdom Life Coaching draws on many tools that speak directly to individual learning styles and interests to support transformation and lasting change.

Body Wisdom Life Coaching is unique in that it is a synthesis of my 40 plus years working in the somatic field and integrating body, mind and spirit. I bring a very rich background with  many tools from the latest research in neuroscience and how to re-pattern the brain to grounding in the body and understanding the wisdom that our bodies bring to us on this journey. As a life coach who understands the importance of all aspects of who you are, our work together will be focused specifically on what you are wanting in your life with many tools to assist your journey. I am skilled at deeply listening and supporting you to get clear, harness your passion, sort through any blocks or limiting beliefs and cheer you on as you move forward.

 When we slow down and listen to the body, it is like time stops and we can get answers to life’s quandaries otherwise unattainable.

 It is a great privilege and pleasure to guide you on your unique journey.

Body Wisdom Life Coaching is helpful for those who want:

  • An approach that honors all of you.
  • Support to clarify your purpose and strategic steps to reach your goals.
  • To resolve body issues such as food/eating challenges, body image concerns that take all of you into consideration (this may be combined with nutritional coaching).
  • To transform persistent physical symptoms that often have important messages for you – learn what they are and how to address them.
  • Learn how to integrate body intelligence with emotional and mental intelligence so you have way more to work with.
  • To resolve traumatic imprints that live in the body (this may be combined with Somatic Experiencing) so you can move forward in life.

Body Wisdom Coaching is a psycho-educational process giving you life long tools to understand your deepest motivations, change behaviors and create a lasting relationship with your body wisdom. 

What Benefits can I gain from Body Wisdom Life Coaching?

  • Increased self-awareness. We can only change what we are aware of. As a coach I facilitate self-discovery and illuminate areas that may be out of your awareness but in your way to achieving what you desire.
  • The ability to listen to your body and harvest the vast wisdom of body intelligence (deeper and more profound than thinking alone can provide).
  • Tap into this wisdom to make decisions and feel your way into the right path with specific action steps to move you forward.
  • Support in clarifying your purpose through embodied knowing.
  • How to present a clear and congruent message to the world.
    • Are you presenting your best self?
    • Our bodies express our beliefs through movement, posture and gestures.
    • Is your body language in alignment with your intended message?

Body Wisdom Life Coaching gives you tools to discover how your body language is instrumental in how you feel and how you communicate to the world. You will learn awareness tools, as well as practical tools to work with embodiment to come into dynamic alignment with what you want to bring into the world.

  • A simple postural change can sometimes make all the difference- Additionally, experimenting with different movements, postures and gestures can re-program your brain and invite new possibilities.
  • Build confidence and support self-esteem through re-pattering the brain, soothing the nervous system and shifting your embodied experience.

Coaching focuses on strengths, building internal and external resources. As your coach I help you discover your natural strengths and develop skills that build your confidence and self-esteem. I am also there to listen, encourage and cheer you on.

  • Change limiting beliefs that get in your way. Our brains learn through experience. Our brains are programmed for survival. Anything we view as threatening will be rejected in favor of what we think will keep us safe.

Many times it is old experiences and beliefs that are feeding an over active nervous system which keeps us from taking chances and exploring new opportunities. 

Body Wisdom Life Coaching brings many tools to help you shift from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs with strategies to to re-program your brain for success.

  • Learn how to use embodiment to shift your mood and mental state. Understand the power of certain gestures, postures and movements.
  • Open up to new perspectives by tapping into whole brain (body) learning and body wisdom. As your coach, I assist you to re-frame old ideas and open up to possibilities that you may not have noticed. When you open your view, many new opportunities become available to you.
  • Reduce stress and build resiliency

As a coach, therapist, yoga and meditation teacher I have many tools to assist you in reducing stress and creating a resilient nervous system. Stress inhibits your full potential. Learning how to manage stress and build resilient coping strategies will go a long way to assisting you to meet your goals.

  • Resolve traumatic imprints that live in your body and finally move beyond just surviving to thriving.

We will work together to understand how trauma may be affecting your ability to reach your goals. I am trained in trauma therapy and bring many tools to help resolve trauma. See Somatic Experiencing for more information.

  • Understand and shift self-sabotaging behaviors –Many times our so-called “self-sabotaging” behaviors have a deeper purpose. When we can discover and honor that purpose, we can then often move beyond these patterns and use our energy more effectively.
  • Manage your inner critic – The inner critic can sabotage your best efforts. You will learn many tools to work with monkey mind, anxiety and the relentless inner critic.
  • Support prosperity mind set – As a long time student of positive psychology and co-creative thinking, I can support and teach the mindset that invites abundance.
  • Increase abundance – Most of my clients want to increase abundance. Abundance is a state of being that supports a flow of energy. I bring many tools and training to support you in understanding the laws of abundance and attraction.
  • Improved health – Transform physical symptoms into skillful action and renewed health. In addition to all my other training, I have a broad background in holistic health and am available to support healthy life styles and goals.
  • Understand body image and eating related challenge.
  • Optimize brain and mood through nutritional coaching. Along with nutritional coaching, you will learn to make significant shifts in your relationship to food. See Nutritional Coaching for more information.
  • Time management – 

As your coach, I am trained to assist you to discover what is in your way to meeting deadlines and goals. Time management is a product of understanding how your brain works, what motivates you, being aware of where you self-sabotage along with useful strategies aligned with your temperament and rhythms.

  • Accountability – Accountability is at the core of good coaching.

I am here as a touchstone, to help you move through blocks, to support you to get a project done and to celebrate with you when you complete a goal. I am also trained to help you learn what motivates you and to use that energy to nourish your desires and goals.



How would it feel to have all aspects of you included in coaching with many tools to help you successfully manifest your desires?

I invite you to contact me for a complimentary discovery session to learn how Body Wisdom Life Coaching can assist you to live a life you love!


Sessions are offered internationally by Phone and Skype


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